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You can have that great relationship you've always wanted and deserve.
Let me help you be amazing!

My mission is to help you make your life and relationship better, whether you are single or in a long-term relationship. 

Here's How I Can Help 

Coaching single men and women seeking a true relationship, how to realize their value, prepare for dating, and establish a healthy relationship.  

Singles Coaching

Pre-Marital Counseling

Helping engaged couples understand  healthy marital guidelines, build good family relationships, establish financial stability, and prepare for future marital success. 

Couples Coaching

Teaching couples how to establish and build respect and trust in the relationship, and establish peace and enrichment in the relationship.

Don't settle for a relationship that isn't fulfilling and doesn't bring you joy. You deserve a partner and relationship that enriches your life. 


My Story

I bring a unique perspective to relationship coaching, because I have experienced the relationship challenges, fears, and rewards many of you have experienced. I have gone through the embarrassment, agony, and heartache of an unwanted separation and divorce, and becoming a single parent.


I have treaded in the complicated and sometimes treacherous waters of dating and seeking the right life partner. And I now live in the bliss of getting it right. What I want to share with you are the proven relationship principles I implemented in my search for the ideal mate and life partner.


I am a Master Certified Professional Coach and have more than 15 years experience helping single men and women find their ideal mate and counseling with couples who are either planning to marry or have been married a long time, and want their relationship to flourish. You can have a relationship filled with peace, joy, and love, but it won't happen by accident or chance, and I will teach you how.

To receive a free 15 minutes consultation, get in touch with me today using the form to the right. Don't wait, becoming amazing starts here.

Thanks for contacting me! Please check your email for more information.


Michael B., TX

Weldon really help me through a crucial time in my marriage, when my wife and I were having problems and I didn't know what to do. The counseling, encouragement, and relationship insight he gave me saved my marriage, and I am forever grateful to him.

Linda G., LA

I can't thank Dr. G. enough for the premarital-counseling he provided for my fiancé and me. He opened our eyes to so many things about marriage and raising a family we had not considered. Now I tell my friends and family who thinking about getting married to get counseling from Dr. G. 

Terry S., TX

Weldon is a living example of the right way a single person should go about finding a mate. He has provided me with great guidance and coaching that has help me avoid potentially bad relationships. It is good to know I can reach out to him for sound advice on a decision of situation about dating and seeking a mate. 
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